My details

I love StaemPunk it is one of my favourite things to draw. I am very into StarWars it’s just one of my favourite things. And I absolutely love David Bowie. Im 11 years old, I have a stepdad called Rob and a stepbrother called Jack he’s 9 turning 10 him and my other brother Lukas are both younger than me Lukas is 8 turning 9. The funny thing is that my mum, Jack and Lukas are born in October Jack and Mum were both on the same the 8th, Lukas is born on the 10th, poor Rob is born on the 24th of December so he usually gets forgotten because it’s Christmas Eve, but I’m born on the 30th of May 2005 (also the year YouTube was made. My brothers favourite thing is wrestling he is so int WWE .