a poem is like a Thing that sometimes

Makes people Sing, but is usualy Read

when people make Bread

and there names can sometimes be Ted, I say this Because

my grandad makes a big Cause when it comes to reading poems.


Inquiry-Voting in Australia

I think you should be 16 to vote. I think they made the voting age to be 18 because the people wanted it to change so that we would be happy. I definitely think I’ll be ready to vote when I’m 18, to be honest I want to vote soon just so I can make a change because I DO NOT!!! Like the Liberal party but the Greens and Labor are alright. I do not think it should be raised because as I said before I would like to be at least 16 to vote also it’s bad enough as it is.

Bløg Guide Lines



.Say silly comments

.Be rude

.Dont be a bossy boots

.Post bad images

.And please be appropriate


.Be kind

.Help people

.Make good suggestions

.Tell news

.Tell useful things

.Say nice things and congratulate