Australian Basketball (Patty Mills)

Patty Mills is a great player in basketball.

he shoots a three pointer so good that he makes it look easy.

He isn’t my favourite but he is probably one of the best.

You could call him a pocket rocket because he’s so small.

he jumps as though he’s on a trampoline, then dunks it in.

he has a way of sneaking through people just so in the right moment then he strikes, probably because he’s so small compared to everyone else.


RIO 2016

  1. It was part of a Religious Festival.
  2. Pierre De Coubertin decided that it would be a good if everyone came together to play sport and would encourage peace with the countries he thought this in 1896.
  3. So that the sacred olive leaves from the wreath would be taken to the Olympia olive trees near the Temple Of The Greek Gods.
  4. probably they thought that they would get hurt and also that they thought men were more sacred because of the god Zeus.
  5. The Torch comes from Olympia, and is lit to be used so it can light a couldron that symbolises the start of the games.


a poem is like a Thing that sometimes

Makes people Sing, but is usualy Read

when people make Bread

and there names can sometimes be Ted, I say this Because

my grandad makes a big Cause when it comes to reading poems.


Inquiry-Voting in Australia

I think you should be 16 to vote. I think they made the voting age to be 18 because the people wanted it to change so that we would be happy. I definitely think I’ll be ready to vote when I’m 18, to be honest I want to vote soon just so I can make a change because I DO NOT!!! Like the Liberal party but the Greens and Labor are alright. I do not think it should be raised because as I said before I would like to be at least 16 to vote also it’s bad enough as it is.

Bløg Guide Lines



.Say silly comments

.Be rude

.Dont be a bossy boots

.Post bad images

.And please be appropriate


.Be kind

.Help people

.Make good suggestions

.Tell news

.Tell useful things

.Say nice things and congratulate